Thursday, 5/30/13

Today: We moved to working on our FINAL DRAFT’s for the House Design & Floor Plan Project. For this project the FINAL DRAFT needs to be completed exactly like the example shown below and discussed in class.

Click on the examples below to zoom in:

All 3 Steps for Project

Follow these steps…

Floor Plan

The Floor Plan

Area of Rooms

Finding the Area of the Floors (and Ceiling, as it is the same answer).

Finding the Area of the Walls.

Finding the Area of the Walls.

FINAL Draft - Page 1

FINAL Draft – Page 1





Monday, 5/20/13

We are going to do today’s lesson order a little backwards. READ all steps before beginning. Thanks!!

1) First, you will try to score at least 8 out of 10 on the ‘Percent Operations‘ section on TenMarks

a) Next, if you did not pass the section with at least 8 correct answers and ALL work shown, then watch the short video below on how to find percent of a number, created by a student. (length 1:28)


And watch this video, created by another math teacher, if needed.

b) Then, go back and complete 5 more questions, on TenMarks, looking to get 4 out of 5 accurate.


2) If you passed on the first try, then your goal over the next 10 minutes, is to create a 60 second or less video on how to find the percent of a number.

  • Use educreations, doceri, or explain everything. Leave the video saved on the iPad.
  • This should be quickly done, and you do not need to focus on perfection. I am listening to hear how you explain the steps.
  • You may step outside and then come right back after recording.


3) Homework tonight is the new section called, Scale Drawings, Maps, and Models.

Monday, 5/13/13

Surface Area of Rectangular Prisms

1) Take notes and solve the problem in the video below, on finding the surface area of rectangular prisms.


2) What would be one formula that you could write as the “OFFICIAL” method on how to find surface area of rectangular prisms?


3) Fast forward the video below (just a bit) to find one answer that works for the formula for Surface Area (also represented as SA).

4) Start working on the Surface Area practice (blue) handout. It will be due on Wednesday. We will not be working on it in class, tomorrow, so complete it as homework.


On Tuesday, we will bring in a number of different boxes and look at these actual 3D models to find the surface area of rectangular prisms (boxes).